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About us

Beauty Business Department

1. Esthetic Salons (In Shinjuku, Ginza, Aoyama, Ikebukuro etc.,)

Planning to expand to 50 salons within next fiscal year.
Our employee has a chance to study, and train abroad.
We also support our staffs to open their own salon in the future.
6 of our staffs have opened their own salon in Shirogane, Shinjuku,
Ikebukuro, Funabashi, etc.,


Beatuy Dealer Business

We gather informations regarding beauty from all over the world, and
provide them to our customers all over Japan.
In Vietnam we have introduced the cosmetic of Faith Beauty Co., Ltd.
Collaborating with the doctors, and eshtetic salon owners in Vietnam,
we are plannning to sell more than 1.5 million USD in the first year.
Also, in Japan, we work with our associate company, and introduced
teeth whitening machines to over 200 clinics, and salons.
>>see here for detail

Eyebrow School (School for designing of the eyebrow)

Managing Japan's first eyebrow designing school.

Over Sea Department

We mainly do business in Asian countries.
In Vietnam we export Japanese cutting edge beauty machines, and cosmetics.
We have introduced the cosmetics of Faith Beauty Co., Ltd.
Collaborated with the doctors, and the esthetic salon owners, in Sep.
29, 2012, held the opening event of Faith Beauty Vietnam, in HCMC Vietnam.
We are planning to sell over 1.5 million USD in the first year.

In India we are buying land, and developing the resorts collaborating
with the Indian resident.

Sales Department

1.Hydrogen Rich Water Server
We had many hardship with water after earthquake.
We are doing this business to prevent the hardship with water upon earthquake.

Volunteering Department

For over 5 years, We have been handing over the money to the children
in Vietnam for their education.




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